Body Butter vs. Lotion: Which one’s right for you?

If you’ve ever been shopping for moisturizers you may have noticed an overwhelming selection of products. From body butter in little tubs to lightweight moisturizers in squeeze bottles, these products all aim to accomplish the same thing— soothe dry skin. That said, there are some key differences that set them apart and make each one better at treating different concerns. 

What is lotion? 

A lotion is a moisturizer that has a relatively low viscosity (i.e. a thinner consistency) since it contains more water mixed in with its hydrating oils. This higher water content ensures a less greasy feel when applied and is perfect for the hands and face. Lotions are light, fast-absorbing, and great for providing a quick boost of moisture between hand washes and other day-to-day tasks. 

What is body butter? 

Body butter is much thicker than lotion and is typically found in a tub rather than in a pump bottle or squeeze bottle. This high viscosity product has a higher fat content than lotion and therefore provides a longer-lasting moisturizing effect. Body butters are best suited for the driest parts of your body such as the legs, arms, chest, feet, or anywhere else you find flaky patches. 

Why choose a lotion? 

Lotions are great for the hands and face as well as the body if you want a lighter and less greasy product. Body lotions work well for those that don’t suffer from dry skin and may be better suited for those with a skin type that’s sensitive to excess oil. 

Why choose body butter? 

With their high fat content, body butters have a number of nutritious ingredients that help soothe, heal and nourish the skin. Typically, they are more densely packed with healthy oils and fatty acids due to their lower water content. A body butter may not be suitable for someone every day, but even those with less dry skin can benefit from occasional use, especially after showering. 

The Best Option 

The best option for you really depends on your skin type and your day-to-day needs. Lotions are best suited for a lightweight moisture boost whereas body butter is a must-have for severely dry skin. It’s also important to note that different parts of your body may require different types of moisturizers. No matter what product you choose, moisturizing daily will ensure your skin stays healthy, happy, and radiant!