Seneca Skin started as a solution to my own skincare woes. I wanted clear, radiant skin that ages gracefully while knowing exactly what I was putting on my skin. I couldn't find something that worked for my dry, sensitive & breakout-prone skin, so I made my own. 

Plants are fully capable of caring for our skin and bodies, which is why I formulate all our products with whole plants, oils, earth-derived minerals and natural active ingredients. When it comes to natural skincare, fresh ingredients are more potent, effective and safe. This is why all our products are made in small batches and are guaranteed fresh. 

Like the remainder of our body, skin needs solid sustenance, exercise and rest to work at an ideal level. Life can upset skin's regular homeostasis (hi skin break out, dryness and disturbance!) while ecological stressors speed up the impacts of maturing. Sparkling skin isn't something that is "made with a wonder" item or a "forward leap" fixing. Clear, brilliant skin is accomplished by supporting the skin to be sound and adjusted. This methodology probably won't be pretty much as provocative as that supernatural occurrence out of the blue item (disclaimer: those don't exist!) however it works - actually like practicing good eating habits and practicing will save your body in dynamic prosperity for quite a while to come. Our inclination directed line includes a variety of sustenance profiles figured to address your skin's issues and bring it back into a solid condition of equilibrium.